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    Product sustainability

    When it comes to our products, we consider the total impact to both human health and the environment. Our Impacts That Matter criteria and packaging principles ensure that Ecolab products are sustainable while never compromising safety and performance. We ensure that our team keeps customers ahead of the curve on product information to make the right choices for people and the planet.?
    We provide subject matter expertise to both government and non-government organizations in the development of product-level eco-certification standards. While all our products are designed with our Impacts that Matter criteria in mind, we obtain eco-certifications for our products based on customer needs. Currently, more than 250 Ecolab products are recognized by reputable eco-certification bodies including:
    • EPA Safer Choice
    • Design for the environment
    • Green Seal
    • EU Ecolabel
    • Korean Ecolabel
    • Nordic Swan
    • Blue Angel
    • USDA Bio-based